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You never know when disaster will strike or what form it will take. The Pantheon team is ready to help 24-hours a day, 365 days a year with quick and decisive action.


An effective emergency response that quickly stabilizes the structure ensures the recovery of as much property as possible.

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Water Damage Restoration

Whether you are dealing with a flooded basement from a storm or an overflowed sink, Pantheon restoration experts can remove the water and dry the structure quickly. Our prompt response time will ensure that all water is removed and the property is dried so that there is no risk for subsequent mold growth.


Fire Damage Restoration

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a residential or commercial fire is reported every 65 seconds. Pantheon’s fire restoration services include emergency board-up, demolition, soot removal film application, thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage, and complete reconstruction.

Pantheon also assists local fire departments with emergency board up and containment services once a fire is extinguished. We provide lighting, dumpsters, emergency power, supply cranes and other equipment to clear paths, allow for aerial photos and expedite hauling.

Support Call

1. Call

Once the fire is extinguished call us immediately. Remember, the earlier we can get there, the more damage we can prevent. Our representative will take down your information and ask you questions. Try to have your insurance information on hand. They will assign a restoration team to report to your location.

Construction Workers

2. Inspection

Our team inspects the fire damage to evaluate safety. We test nearby areas and rooms for soot. Based on protocols, we will identify what items were affected by the fire and whether they should be restored or discarded.

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3. Protect

We’ll protect your property from the elements by boarding up windows. Any building material (like carpet, drywall, and hardwood flooring) that cannot be salvaged or will cost more to salvage than to remove and rebuild – will be removed.

Mover Packing

4. Pack

Does your removable property need extra care and cleaning? We will pack out everything to offsite storage for cleaning and restoration. When your building is repaired, we return your items clean and restored.


5. Clean & Sanitize

We extract water and ventilate with drying equipment to treat the water damage, remove excess soot with professional grade vacuums and wipe down and treat every surface in the room. We use defoggers and media blasting to remove that persistent smoke odor.

Wooden House Construction

6. Rebuild

We rebuild everything – walls, ceilings and floors – damaged in the fire. Our skill and experience ensures the perfect ending to your restoration.

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